It seems to me that one of the next tasks that stand out of the parliament of this convocation is the development of interparliamentary ties. Ashot Ghoulyan, outgoing president of the current National Assembly of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic, said this during a meeting with journalists Wednesday, when asked whether there were countries within the framework of foreign cooperation that refused to cooperate with Artsakh’s parliament due to the fact that Artsakh is unrecognized.

"We have formed 4 new friendship groups and circles since 2014," Ghoulyan said. “In total, we have 8 friendship groups and circles; I consider this a very good success and very good preconditions for further development of interparliamentary cooperation.

As for the question of whether there were any rejections because of [Artsakh] being unrecognized, I do not recall that we had such a thing, but I recall that we also had other attempts in other parliaments. Usually, we don't talk about those processes in the preparatory stage. One of them has recently been successfully completed: the creation of this group in the Cypriot parliament; we have been working in that direction for more than 3 years."