YEREVAN. – The officers of Armenia Police are apprehending the members of the opposition Adeqvat union who have gathered in front of the Police special department in Yerevan.

Speaking to reporters, Lika Tumanyan, a member of this union, said that, according to police, about 20 citizens had not adhered to the decision of the Commandant of the current state of emergency in the country due to the COVID-19 situation. "But I have been present, and I know that the members of our union have kept a social distance, everyone has been with gloves and masks. Moreover, the police were more in number," she said.

To note, Artur Danielyan, head of the Adeqvat union, is currently at the division of fight against terrorism and extremism of the Police's aforesaid special department. The union members have assembled outside this department to find out why Danielyan had been summoned there.