Yes, I called for an anti-crisis government to be formed because the current situation in the country shows that the current authorities are unable to govern the country, the country is in chaos. Artur Vanetsyan, the former director of the National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia, stated this in an interview to Hraparak daily.

“[PM Nikol] Pashinyan's last statement that, ‘We are starting a decentralized fight against the coronavirus," in simple language means the following: "Dear people, we [the authorities] have failed, now you are responsible for everything.’

This pandemic played the role of a litmus test. There was a pandemic, and we realized that the country is simply not being governed, there are no professionals in the country, there is no unity in the country, hatred and divisive lines dominate, which are simply impermissible," Vanetsyan said.

As for the aforesaid anti-crisis government, the former director of the NSS believes that there are many individuals in Armenia, as well as representatives of political forces, "who are professionals, who are patriotic, and who can serve their homeland without bonuses and contribute to the development of the homeland."