YEREVAN. – Manvel Grigoryan, ex-MP and former Chairman of Yerkrapah Volunteers’ Union of Armenia, has filed an administrative lawsuit against the Ministry of Health, challenging its inaction in terms of not making a decision on how to organize his further medical treatment.

Grigoryan's lawyer Levon Baghdasaryan told Armenian  that they had twice applied to the ministry to make a decision on the further course of his client's treatment, but the ministry had twice refused to respond, and had not yet responded to the third petition.

"We have presented Mr. Grigoryan's epicrisis, and asked [the health ministry] to give a conclusion on whether it is possible that they organize [his] treatment here [in Armenia], if not, then allow him to go abroad. They once told us that, 'The issue is not under our jurisdiction' and we should apply to the Ministry of Justice. And from there, we were told that they had nothing to do because the person was not arrested, and the Ministry of Health had to resolve the issue,” the lawyer said.

He added that they had petitioned also to the Human Rights Defender of Armenia and the European Court of Human Rights on this matter.

By a court decision on January 15, Manvel Grigoryan was released from custody, and a signature bond not to leave Armenia was chosen as a precautionary measure against him. He was discharged from hospital in accordance with his own respective petition and is at home.

Grigoryan is charged under several articles of the Armenian Criminal Code: Acquisition, selling, storage, transport or carrying of illegal weapons and ammunition by a group of persons with prior consent; especially large-scale embezzlement or misuse; not paying taxes or duties; and especially large-scale extortion, and to organize them or to assist in their organization.