Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan went live on Facebook and talked about the ‘mistake’ in the government’s tactics and strategy for the fight against the coronavirus. He particularly stated the following:

“Based on my conclusion, the ‘mistake’ was that the government probably expressed greater confidence in the individual responsibility of our dear compatriots. Our strategy was based on the fact that, at some point, the government would present the gravity of the situation to people, expand the capacities of the healthcare system and then open the economy and give people guarantees through which they could avoid contracting the virus. Our hypothesis was that citizens would follow the requirements for themselves, their friends and relatives, not for the government or the Prime Minister.

After discussions, the government came to the conclusion that there are three rules that will save people from the virus by 95%, that is, not touching the face with dirty hands, wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.”

Touching upon the current situation, Pashinyan said hundreds of people in Armenia continue to infect others and get infected and called on and asked everyone to help the country make a 'coronavirus revolution' through individual responsibility.