YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: The criminal case which was initiated exactly a month ago in connection with the vendetta that followed the murders that took place in Gavar [town], which was manifested by smashing the hospital to pieces and cutting the necks of the wounded, can be said to have reached a deadlock.

In particular, according to the information Zhoghovurd daily has received, the investigative body submitted petitions to the court regarding a group of people in order to choose detention as a measure of restraint against them, but the court denied the petition in many cases.

The reason is that the investigative body is not able to find relevant grounds as to specifically who the first to break into the hospital were, who did what action. On this occasion, they even took the video cameras of the hospital, and studies are being conducted to determine the circle of those people, and steps are being taken to find many of them.