YEREVAN. – Seventy Armenian citizens who were stranded at the Upper Lars border checkpoint between Russia and Georgia arrived in Armenia late in the evening. This was reported by the Health and Labor Inspectorate Body (HLIB) of Armenia.

As per the respective statement, immediately at the border with Georgia, the HLIB team at Armenia’s Bagratashen checkpoint checked the body temperature of these citizens, externally examined them for any clinical signs of infectious diseases, and everyone was provided with masks, gloves and self-isolation notices.

None of them was running a fever, or had any clinical symptoms.

Earlier, the Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, had reported that these Armenian citizens were being transported to Armenia by three buses provided by the government. "It should be noted that this transfer was made as an exception. The entry of foreign citizens to Georgia through the Upper Lars checkpoint is still closed," it had added in its statement.