YEREVAN. - Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: An unprecedented increase in the number of citizens infected with the coronavirus has been registered in the whole territory of the RA over the past week.

Unfortunately, the cases of deaths are also increasing. As of yesterday, Armenia was ranked 28th among 251 countries with the indicator per 1 million inhabitants.

The authorities also admit that, in fact, there is a quite serious and uncontrollable epidemic situation in our country.

It was announced yesterday that new strictures are being set in the issue of wearing a mask; that is, we will wear a mask always, everywhere, except our house.

Moreover, Commandant [and Deputy PM] Tigran Avinyan once again insinuated that new, stricter restrictions, including curfew, are possible as an extreme mechanism.

According to Past newspaper’s information, this issue is discussed in the government almost every day, but the opinions are very different. According to our source, it is being studied in detail what economic risks and financial burden we can deal with in case of new total restrictions.

So, it is not ruled out that such measures will be announced [in Armenia] by the end of the week.