In an interview with, Rafik Hayrapetyan, son of former president of the Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan, said bringing a charge against him and his father has a political subtext.

Rafik Hayrapetyan talked about what happened to the Hayrapetyans’ Harsnakar hotel complex in 2016, stating that while he and his family were in Germany for his father’s medical treatment, the manager of the company had embezzled particularly large amounts of money, obtained loans in the name of the company and taken the cash to live the good life. “His family asked me not to call the police because he had illnesses and couldn’t stay in prison. I gave in and didn’t call the police, but I regret it. The family returned some of the amounts, but haven’t fully paid us back to this day,” he said, adding that he has shown up at the investigative body and given a testimony.

As far as the charge brought against him is concerned, Hayrapetyan said he is charged with depriving the manager of his liberty, but the preceding and succeeding managers can state that there is so much work to do during the summer that they can only go on leave twice or three times during the month, and this is presented as deprivation of liberty.

He stated that the court hasn’t confirmed the charges incriminated to him and Ruben Hayrapetyan and added that it’s currently impossible for his father to return to Armenia due to quarantine in Moscow.

Ruben Hayrapetyan and his son are charged with causing strong physical pain or mental suffering, illegally depriving of liberty and self-righteousness. Arrest has been selected as a pre-trial measure for Ruben Hayrapetyan, and a signature to not leave the country has been selected as a pre-trial measure for his son.