Large peaceful demonstrations with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people took place throughout the US - particularly in Washington - on the 12th day following the death of African American George Floyd, BBC reported.

Protests took place also in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco as well, while a memorial service has been held in Floyd's home state North Carolina.

Washington security forces blocked all the approaches to the White House.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser greeted these rallies, noting that the demonstrators have a message addressed to US President Donald Trump.

Representatives of different races, people with families and children took part in peaceful demonstrations in the US capital. People handed out food to each other and washed their hands with disinfectants.

Anto-racism demonstrations took place in Europe as well.

Protesters march past the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC (6 June 2020)

Sisters Sarina Lecroy, 20, and Grace Lecroy, 16, at a protest in Washington

People pay their respects to George Floyd before a memorial service in Raeford, North Carolina (6 June 2020)