In the next few days, Spitak Medical Center (100 beds), Vedi Medical Center (100 beds), and one department of Martuni Medical Center (35-40 beds) will join the healthcare system to fight against the coronavirus. Let me also recall that so far, about 2,000 beds had already been set up for this issue, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

"Another important fact: Today, for the first time, our new computed tomography was performed at the Radioisotope Production Center (known as the Cyclotron Institute of the Institute of Physics) for patients admitted to the triage center operating at the base of the National Center for Burns.

By the way, at the government session about a month ago, I had asked the Minister of Health when the positron emission tomography, which is very necessary for our cancer-stricken citizens, will start operating, and it is installed in this very center.

I would like to inform that the items and materials needed for the final operation of the latter were imported to Armenia last week, and next week it will be fully operational after many years of idleness. Our cancer patients will no longer have to go abroad for PET/CT [imaging],” Pashinyan added.