Armenia Medical Center will allocate 58 beds for COVID-19 patients, said health minister Arsen Torosyan.

According to him, in total, bed capacity will increase by 15% (350 beds).

The capabilities of the Vedi Medical Center will be involved - these are 100 beds, including beds equipped with oxygen. 

'Experience shows that our citizens need oxygen more than mechanical ventilation,' said Torosyan. 

According to him, the capabilities of the Dilijan MC will be attracted as well - 55 beds and 5 places in intensive care, while Maralik MC will give 40 beds.

As the minister noted, there are 14 beds in the intensive care unit in Yerevan's Surb Astvatsamayr MC. A private clinic Armenia MC will be involved as well, as it allocates 58 beds for COVID-19 patients.