Vakifli, the only Armenian village in Turkey is the first village in the country, where residents grow organic fruit and are engaged in production of jams, oils and other delicacies. The products are sold in a small booth near the courtyard of St Astvatsatsin church.

“I describe all peculiarities of these products to tourists, who are our main clients. Our products are manufactured at home from organic fruits and without chemical additives. We cook jam from mandarin, flowers and bark of orange trees, which are rare delicacies. First we cooked such unique delicacies and are still a monopolist in this sphere,” a saleswoman Gohar Kartun told Armenian correspondent.

Gohar Kartun called their business important, as it provides jobs to people and attracts tourists to Armenian village Vakifli. “A total of 22 Armenian women from our village are engaged in production of jam. They are also engaged in sewing,” she noted.

It is noteworthy residents were awarded with 2 European Prizes.