YEREVAN. – The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia continues to expose fake users on the internet who publish and disseminate false information that harms security.

As per the respective NSS statement, on May 21, a video was spread by a so-called Alex, a subscriber of a Ukrainian phone number registered on WhatsApp, and by a YouTube channel named under Armen Tigranian, in which, allegedly, Azerbaijani citizens are walking around in Yerevan, where they had stayed because of the coronavirus, and are making video recordings.

But investigation has found out that this video was edited, and a pre-made recording was attached to it.

It was also found out that in order to spread this video, the aforesaid user of that Ukrainian phone number had formed a WhatsApp group, which included several dozen Armenian phone numbers, and had simultaneously sent that video to that group.

As pert the NSS statement, this incident once again proves that the Azerbaijani side is trying to raise—on a false and amateur level—the "fighting spirit" of its people.