Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia Kristinne Grigoryan today remotely participated in the 2020 United Nations Development Progrmame Annual Meeting entitled “Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development”. The deputy minister expressed gratitude for the invitation to participate in such a major event, noting that two years after the velvet revolution, the Armenian government continues to stay true to the values of the revolution, that is, strengthening of rule of law, human rights protection, the unwavering fight against corruption and effective implementation of the pretentious judicial reforms, in accordance with the Constitution and international commitments.

Highly appreciating the agenda of ongoing cooperation of the Armenian government with the UNDP, Grigoryan touched upon the comprehensive framework of reforms undertaken by the Ministry of Justice of Armenia and presented the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms, the Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Strategy on Human Rights and the action plans arising from those Strategies adopted by the government in 2019.

During the meeting, the deputy minister also presented the legal mechanisms applied and the digital tools introduced by the government ahead of the challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to ensure protection of the rule of law and democracy.

Summing up, the deputy minister expressed gratitude to the UNDP for its active support and constructive cooperation for implementation of the earmarked reforms and highlighted the fact that the Armenian government has sufficient resoluteness and wide public support to advance the reforms agenda.