Armenian PM Nikol Pashnyan may dismiss justice minister Rustam Badasyan, Hraparak newspaper reported.

According to it, the heated discussions have taken place as 'draft amendments to eliminate the obstacles to the implementation of the constitutional amendments had been developed in the draft law on the Constitutional Court.'

The Armenian parliament has earlier passed a constitutional amendments bill, according to which the powers of three judges of the Constitutional Court [CC] have terminated, as well as the power of Hrayr Tovmasyan to hold office as CC president.

Badasyan now is trying to find ways to stop the powers of the chairman of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, who is on vacation, by amending other laws.

According to the Law on the Constitutional Court, judges of the Constitutional Court have the right to annual paid leave - 30 working days, ie Tovmasyan will be on leave for about a month.