Edmon Marukyan, chairman of the opposition Bright Armenia Party and head of its parliamentary faction, has addressed—with a letter—members of the US Congress, and regarding FY2021 Foreign Aid Bills; Marukyan himself informed about this on Facebook.

"In particular, underscoring the continuity of demining work being carried out over these years in Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] through HALO Trust, I stressed the importance of this work in terms of saving the lives of civilians in the conflict zone.

These works guarantee the safety of tens of thousands of people in Artsakh. In particular, about 500 minefields have been demined in Artsakh since 2000.

These works are of great importance also in terms of the re-establishment of peace in the region.

The Armenian-American friendship has proved its strength in defending human rights and democracy, guaranteeing peace and security," Marukyan added, in particular.