A short while ago, Head of Civil Consciousness NGO Narek Samsonyan was released from the police station and told reporters that police had apprehended him for not wearing his face mask properly.

“I was apprehended because the incumbent authorities literally hate the Police of Armenia. The police wanted to everything they could. I had lowered my face mask to smoke a cigarette. When I was throwing the cigarette in the trashcan, a police officer approached me and demanded that I show identification documents. I showed them, after which someone who looked like Nikol Pashinyan approached me and asked whom I’m calling a liar, and I told the person I call the beloved Nikol Pashinyan a liar. The police officers didn’t draw up a record on that provoker. Unfortunately, the police have become Nikol Pashinyan’s servants,” Samsonyan said.

When asked if he is going to appeal the record drawn up against him, Samsonyan said there is no need and added that he will pay a higher fine for not wearing a face mask when police officers show him that they can eat while wearing face masks.