Tigran Keosayan, husband of Margarita Simonyan, posted on his Telegram page that he approves his wife’s statement and would only change a few words that were expressed in the statement.

“I have been receiving messages on social networks ever since Margarita posted her statement. Some people use swear words against me and demand that I beat my wife and change her last name, and some people have even launched a petition against her online.

All this goes to show that Pashinyan and the young people funded by Soros have succeeded in playing with the honor of my ancient people. When I was growing up, Armenian men could never talk to a woman the way they are talking to them now. Nobody should think I am writing this text to defend Margarita. I rush to inform you that Margarita, who managed to state the truth about the current Russian-Armenian relations and the total lies of Pashinyan’s government, doesn’t need protection. Margarita has already done a lot for the future of Armenia by inflaming the public, the future that might not come due to the current military operations.

Pashinyan is incapable of leading a constructive dialogue with Russia. The only hope is the Armenian army, which has earned worthy reputation in society. However, the war on two fronts, one of which is the Turkish-Armenian, doesn’t instill a lot of optimism. It’s not about being offended and demands anymore. It’s about the future existence of Armenia. Can the incumbent authorities of Armenia ensure that future? I don’t think so, and I’m not the only one,” he wrote.