YEREVAN. – Nakhichevan was taken from Armenia by an illegal contract and given to another state; this is the grossest violation of international law, when two subjects of international law make a decision on the third subject of international law without the participation of that third one. Paruyr Hayrikyan,  chairman of the Union for National Self-Determination (UNSD) opposition party of Armenia, said this Friday during a meeting with journalists.

"This is our biggest diplomatic omission," Hayrikyan added, in particular.

Referring to the current Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises in Nakhichevan, the UNSD leader said that launching large-scale military exercises is not only a challenge, but also intelligence-gathering into the outlook the world public opinion will manifest. "Thus, Turkey is studying what outlook the world will manifest if it [Turkey] were to deal directly with Armenia, and the world's silence—with the help of the Armenia’s little princes—can also lead to further adventurisms," Hayrikyan said, adding that an army is not only young conscripts, but also the whole nation.

And commenting on the anti-epidemic actions of Armenia, Hayrikyan said as follows, in particular: "As the results are still sad, Armenia is in bad places [in this regard]; I can say that it did not justify itself."