Judge Marika Chitashvili has rendered a decision according to which Artur Gabrielyan, who is an accused-on-trial under the case of the murder that took place in Akhalkalak on August 8, will remain in custody, JNews reports.

The court hearing was held remotely in a court of Akhaltskha today.

Prosecutor Mamuka Komoshvili demanded custody for Gabrielyan, based on the fact that the accused-on-trial, who is wanted, may hinder the inquest or escape. The attorney of the accused-on-trial also agreed that Gabrielyan remain under custody.

“In this phase, for security reasons, we agree with the prosecutor that arrest must be selected as a pre-trial measure against the accused-on-trial,” Gabrielyan’s attorney Tariel Balabanishvili said.

After the court hearing, Judge Marika Chitashvili selected custody as a pre-trial measure against Gabrielyan, who is accused of the murder of a 27-year-old man.