Former Ambassador of Armenia to the Holy See Mikayel Minasyan today posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Serzh Sargsyan is a real state figure who knows that he should speak at the right moment and keep silent at the right moment. Today’s press conference was a press conference held by a serious and weighty person, and after watching the press conference, I have only one question on my mind, and that is the following: Why should people who have dedicated their lives to the state and homeland be compelled to speak and prove that they have done their best for the sake of our country’s interests?

I can’t describe how painful it is to see how we Armenians never learned to treat our leaders the way they deserve to be treated and be grateful to them for the achievements they made during their terms of office, starting from the First Republic and leading up to our days. All of them led Armenians to victories and did great deeds, along with their omissions, mistakes and shortcomings. We can’t forget their victories and great deeds.

It is necessary to appreciate the victory and pay homage to the soldiers, officers and military-political leaders who shaped the victory. This is how history is shaped. This nonsensical period of searches for guilty people and scapegoats needs to be put to an end, and the people drawing separating lines need to be sent to find jobs that are fit for them.”