O Globo newspaper reports the discovery of a patient who was infected with COVID-19 for five months, citing the Molecular Virology Laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The woman, who was infected for 152 days, was asymptomatic, but could have infected others, RIA Novosti reports. “This is a longer record of the existence of the virus (in the human body-ed.) in the world and goes to show what role an asymptomatic illness plays in the spread of the pandemic,” the newspaper writes.

The patient, who remains anonymous, works in the healthcare industry. In March, she had slight symptoms of COVID-19, after which she was under quarantine and was able to get back to work after five months.

Researchers have conducted 3,000 molecular tests on humans. Some of them hadn’t had any symptoms after the test, but remained bearers of the virus for a few days.