The analysis of the recent events, the publications of the Azerbaijani and Turkish propaganda apparatuses on the "transfer of Kurdish militants to Karabakh" forces to conclude that Ankara is preparing a serious, possibly a very dangerous provocation, together with Baku. In fact, information “artillery training” is underway now. Davit Babayan, Adviser to the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) President, stated this at the request of Armenian, commenting on the relevant publications of "sensational nature."

"Moreover, in all likelihood, we are talking about provocations, not only against Armenia and Karabakh, but also against other countries. See what route of ‘transfer they bring: from Syria and Iraq to Armenia and Karabakh via Iran. So, it is possible that the provocation is directed against the Kurds of Iran, or Iraq or Syria, especially considering that Iraqi Kurdistan is further increasing its geopolitical ‘weight’ in the context of the processes around the oil prices. Turkey and Azerbaijan are very concerned about the economic rapprochement between Armenia and Kurdistan. At the same time, the Turks themselves are actively transporting terrorist groups to Azerbaijan. The scheme is quite complicated; it reflects the deeper processes in the Middle East," Babayan added.