Nicolas Aznavour—co-founder of Aznavour Foundation, chairman of its board of trustees, and son of world-renowned French-Armenian musician, the late Charles Aznavour—has addressed a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron.

"The last days were full of pain and deep concern for the whole Armenian nation. The Armenian people are again in danger and, as in [the Armenian Genocide in] 1915, they have to fight for their existence today, too. Armenian position-holders bravely guard the country's borders, but the battles are fierce and the casualties—numerous.

I appeal to you once again as a person and a leader who is not afraid to tell the truth and for whom human values are paramount. (…).

The support of you and the French people is very important to us [Armenians]. I ask you to take active steps for the salvation of our people—by recognizing the Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] Republic as a sovereign state that will be able to benefit from the provisions of international law. I ask you to impose economic sanctions on Azerbaijan and Turkey for their crimes, as well as to put pressure on the UN to put in place mechanisms to restore peace in the region.

I believe in you and your being a person of principle (…). Armenia is the stronghold of civilization which must be defended," Nicolas Aznavour’s letter to Emmanuel Macron reads, in particular.