STEPANAKERT. – Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Minister of Foreign Affairs Masis Mayilian on Monday took part in a joint meeting of Foreign Ministers and Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and Artsakh with representatives of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Armenia, the Artsakh Foreign Ministry informed.

In his speech, Masis Mayilian presented the situation created as a result of the large-scale aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey against the Republic of Artsakh. As an additional threat to regional peace and stability, the Foreign Minister stressed the direct participation of Turkey in the operations unleashed by Azerbaijan, including the transfer of foreign terrorists to Azerbaijan and their involvement in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Artsakh’s Foreign Minister emphasized that the international community cannot remain neutral when a choice between war and peace is at stake, because by its indifference it contributes to the isolation of the people of Artsakh. And this is exactly what Azerbaijan and Turkey are striving for, since they view the isolation of Artsakh as an important element of the military confrontation and aggression.

The Foreign Minister noted that during the unleashed aggression against Artsakh, civilians and vital infrastructures are deliberately targeted. Presenting the humanitarian situation in Artsakh and the steps taken by the government to address it, minister Mayilian also stressed the need for direct assistance to the people of Artsakh by various international organizations.

Masis Mayilian stressed that in the current situation, the international community should take more active and effective steps, not limited to unaddressed calls, which are ostensibly rejected by Azerbaijan and Turkey. The Minister called on the international community to recognize the independence of the Artsakh Republic as an effective way to end the military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, as well as to establish lasting peace in the region.