The taking of women as prisoners in Artsakh shows the face of Azerbaijan's policy towards Armenians. Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) presidential adviser Davit Babayan told this to Armenian, commenting on Armenian citizen Azniv Baghdasaryan being taken as a POW by Azerbaijan.

Babayan noted that the taking as POWs of civilians and women who are not involved in hostilities shows the state policy of Azerbaijan. Her "fault" was that she was Armenian, he added.

"The taking of an innocent woman as a prisoner, the murder and torture of Armenians taken prisoners, the dishonor toward the bodies of fallen soldiers show the [Azerbaijanis’] treatment of Armenians. Azerbaijan is trying to intimidate Armenians with such ‘feats.’ In this way, they show that, ‘The same thing will happen to you when we have such an opportunity.’ [But] they will not have such an opportunity," Davit Babayan said.