Negotiations are unnecessary at this stage, we will go to negotiations at all times, [but] we will negotiate from the position of the winner. Armenian Armed Forces Major General Astvatsatur Petrosyan said this during a press conference Friday.

"It is a 5th generation war [now at the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict zone]. The Turkish army has also joined, with its entire leadership—starting with the Minister of Defense. The entire [Azerbaijani military] command of the war is taken over by the Turkish army. Turkish army, which has a million and a half troops and has deployed three armies on the Armenian-Turkish border. We do not use strategic weapons, but they do. When we count, about 600 armored vehicles, more than 5,000 [combat] drones would have been used already. Our troops have been able to push back and cause dozens of times bigger losses [to the adversary]," Petrosyan said.

Speaking about Israel which is arming Azerbaijan, the major general said: "No humanitarian ceasefire, no European, American or global universal threats and adopted resolutions are working. Only the Erdogan-terrorists and Erdogan-gangs—from Jordan to Pakistan, as well as, as disgusting as it is, allies with Israeli participation that we would not have thought of at all, are working."

In addition, Astvatsatur Petrosyan urged people not only to make donations to the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, but also to enlist in the Armenian army and defend the homeland.