Gagik Khachatryan, former Minister of Finance and ex-Chairman of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia, has been released—from custody—on bail.

Khachatryan's attorneys have issued a respective statement which, in particular, reads: "Taking into account the [current] martial law in Armenia and Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)], as well as the impossibility of ensuring Gagik Khachatryan’s attendance to the court sessions due to his health condition, in addition to the fact that these dead-end processes being prolonged indefinitely can be critical for Khachatryan's life and health and he needs immediate medical help, the defense has filed a motion to release Khachatryan on bail. The defense expresses satisfaction that this time, nonetheless, justice has been found above everything."

Gagik Khachatryan has been charged under the Criminal Code articles on abuse of power, embezzlement or squandering, taking bribe, and official fraud. Khachatryan had been remanded in custody, but he does not accept the charges that have been brought against him.