The units of the Defense Army of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) have captured another terrorist, even the momentary questioning of which dispels all doubts about the existence of terrorists on the Azerbaijani frontline.

The captured Islamist-extremist terrorist is Mhreb Mohammad Alshkheri, who is originally from the Syrian city of Hamma.

Alshkheri is married with three children. He admits that he and 250 other terrorists were sent from Turkey to the Azerbaijan-Artsakh frontline on October 19. They were promised $2,000, but weren’t paid. After he was injured, his friends-in-combat left him. Alshkheri says he and the terrorists move forward, followed by Azerbaijani soldiers in the second and third lines. Before being brought to the military front, they participated in training camps where they were trained by Turkish military instructors.