Armenia’s authorities continue to falsify the reality and conceal information from the public that may cause discontent. To date, there is no official news about the number of victims, wounded, missing servicemen and prisoners of war that the Armenian side has, reports. also reports that weeks ago, Mikayel Minasyan gave clarification regarding the number of victims. He informed that the number of victims that the authorities know is 4,750. Of course, the authorities tried to refute this, but further data prove Minasyan’s claim.

At this moment, the authorities have publicly reported that there are over 3,000 victims.’s government insiders report that, at this moment, there are over 1,400 missing servicemen, most of whom are actually dead, but their bodies haven’t been transferred to Armenia. Currently, there are 700 bodies at morgues, and their identities are not established since they are unrecognizable.