The 44-year-old man from Hadrut Province of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) who was found dead yesterday in the territories of Artsakh that are now under the control of Azerbaijan was the son of Sasha Karakhanyan, who is from Hadrut and had returned about a month ago after being in captivity.

Vrezh Karakhanyan, Sasha Karakhanyan’s grandson, told Armenian that the body of his uncle Arsen Karakhanyan was found by people who were conducting a search in Hadrut. Azerbaijanis had murdered Arsen and buried him in one of the villages of Hadrut.

Arsen’s family definitely found out that he was a captive on January 6 when the Azerbaijanis disseminated a video of him on social networks.

Resident of Hadrut Sasha Karakhanyan was captured from his home in October and returned to the homeland along with 44 persons about a month ago. The family didn’t have any news from Arsen and assumed that he was a captive, after which they saw the video on the Internet and became convinced that he had been captured.