During today’s question-and-answer session with government officials in parliament, deputy of the opposition Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Karen Simonyan asked Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan if there is any other agreement signed between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan besides the statements signed on November 10 and January 11.

The deputy particularly stressed the following in his question: “There are certain uncertainties after the signing of the November 10 statement, in particular, the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan have a new 520-kilometer long border, and I would like to understand the government’s vision regarding the line of contact and border. During the last question-and-answer session, the Deputy Prime Minister assured us deputies that there is no other document signed with the Republic of Azerbaijan, but yesterday ex-Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan posted on his Facebook page some Armenian-Azerbaijani memorandum stating certain coordinates, principles and borders. What memorandum is this? Is there any other document signed by Armenia and Azerbaijan besides the statements signed on November 10 and January 11?”

In response, Avinyan said he would have to reveal data serving as certain state secret in order to answer the question, but added that, in general, border guard troops of Armenia and Azerbaijan are controlling the borders in Armenia’s Syunik Province. “If there are such issues related to the security environment, I believe deputies can hold meetings and hearings and invite representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Service and learn about the details,” he said.

Simonyan asked if there is an agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia without the mediation of the Russian Federation, to which Avinyan said he isn’t aware of any document on the mediation of the Russian Federation. “Besides those statements that were made, there is another agreement concerning the road sector in the Davit Bek-Goris sector since the road there passes through disputed sectors. This is the only agreement I am aware of,” Avinyan said.