In an interview with Armenian, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan said Turkey and Azerbaijan will pressure Georgia in case negotiations over de-blockage of railway communication from Abkhazia to Armenia are launched.

“Turkey has a major influence on Georgia’s economy, and Azerbaijan can exert pressure by using the factor of Azerbaijanis living in the settlements bordering Georgia,” the analyst emphasized and recalled that the railway leading to Russia through Abkhazia is of major significance for Armenia.

Safrastyan also noted that Turkey is linked to Azerbaijan through Georgia, and at the same time, it is seriously interested in the establishment of connection with Azerbaijan through Meghri.

“This goes to show that, for Ankara, the opening of the railway through the territory of Armenia is linked to political goals in terms of implementation of the pan-Turkism idea. The road through Syunik Province is of serious military significance for Turkey to transfer military cargo and personnel to Azerbaijan,” Safrastyan emphasized and added that even though Armenia is under the pressure of the two states implementing their pan-Turkish plan, it has to do everything it can to fight against these aspirations.

The Parliament of Abkhazia had addressed the Russian State Duma, announcing that it is ready to participate in the project for opening railway communication between Russia and Armenia through Abkhazia.