There are no unsolvable issues in Armenia's Syunik province, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan told

"This does not mean that there are no problems. But I think that there are certain guarantees for the security of Syunik province. It is clear that the atmosphere has changed, in connection with which there are certain tensions. But I am sure that over time they will weaken. Moreover, we are planning to implement large-scale socio-economic programs in Syunik. And in general, our goal is to form the most favorable atmosphere around Armenia and Artsakh," he said.

"As for the opening of communications, I think that a constructive and mutually beneficial solution to this issue is one of the factors that can lead our region to a long and stable peace, and, in addition, to certain economic benefits, change the economic potential of our region and Armenia. This does not mean that there are no calls. But this is a matter of strategic choice. Communications are vessels that connect us with the region and the region with us. We must form this agenda, understand what threats and challenges may arise from these atmospheric changes, and develop methods to manage them."

When asked which regional countries are interested in opening communications, Pashinyan said: "All without exception. Russia, Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia. It's another matter that everyone's interest has both commonalities and differences."