Armenia’s Deputy Prosecutor General Gevorg Baghdasaryan received Maxime Longangue, the Acting Head of the Council of Europe (CoE) Office in Yerevan.

During the meeting, the Deputy Prosecutor General highlighted the cooperation of Armenia’s Prosecutor General's Office with the CoE.

Baghdasaryan noted that Armenia’s Law On Confiscation of Property of Illegal Origin—which was adopted in consideration of the CoE expert opinions, too—is also a serious tool in the fight against corruption in Armenia.

Also, the Deputy Prosecutor General noted that the opinions of the CoE experts involved in connection with the draft Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of Armenia were a considerable contribution to their improvement.

Longangue, in turn, informed that the CoE Office in Yerevan is committed to supporting the reforms in the discussed spheres and will continue to participate in the implementation of the necessary measures within the framework of the programs being implemented.

While discussing the fight against discrimination and hate speech in Armenia, the CoE official stated that the means of combating hate speech should not become tools restricting freedom of speech and criticism.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to further intensify their cooperation in order to resolve the matters discussed.