YEREVAN. – A political consensus has been formed between the parliamentary forces, and they have agreed that the resignation of the prime minister will take place in mid-April, and starting from the calculation on that day, there will be snap parliamentary elections on June 20. Edmon Marukyan, chairman of the opposition Bright Armenia Party (BAP) and head of its parliamentary faction, on Monday stated this live on Facebook.

According to him, these elections are needed to have an opportunity to get the country out of the current political crisis. "Only the fact that negotiations have started in connection with the elections, the tension in the country has decreased quite a bit and continues to decrease because the political units are preparing for the upcoming elections," he added.

Referring to the proposed amendments to the Electoral Code, Marukyan said that the rules of the "game" cannot be changed during the "game." "The [draft Electoral] Code is completely 'raw,' and we suggest that the 'raw' [Electoral] Code should not be adopted and we should not go to the elections with it. If we change the rules of the ‘game,’ the crisis we want to resolve is lost.

Second, the new [Electoral] Code proposes a fully proportional [representation] electoral system [in Armenia]; this means that the party leaders will appoint MPs. (…). So, the people will go to elect the party for the leader, but MPs will be elected who are not elected by the people," Marukyan explained.

He added that according to the proposed Electoral Code, the people elect the electoral list, but who is elected into parliament is decided within the given party. "You [the people] have no influence on that list anymore; this is not democracy. (…). The people should elect the MPs; they should not be appointed by the party leaders. If the [Electoral Code] version we propose is adopted, the [forthcoming snap parliamentary] elections will be late; therefore, we should refrain from ‘touching’ the [current] Electoral Code," Marukyan noted.

Also, the BAP leader stressed if the majority My Step bloc adopts the new Electoral Code, all the existing agreements will do down the drain. "By doing so, the legitimacy of the upcoming elections will also be questioned. We will create a new crisis with that," Edmon Marukyan concluded.