It’s impossible for one person or one or two political parties to bring the country out of the current situation. This is what President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian told and Aravot Daily when told that he had invited the Prime Minister, parliamentary factions and the extra-parliamentary forces to a meeting and asked why all of them didn’t attend the meeting.

“I think you have to ask them. I regret that they didn’t come. I think I will continue to have contacts with them and make efforts to reach consensus with them. The fact that some political parties even showed disrespect doesn’t matter to me because I’m looking at the current situation and the challenges facing the country. I will continue to communicate with them and call for dialogue and tolerance. There is no other way,” the President said, adding that if the country is going to snap elections, he hopes all the parties go those elections in a civilized manner during and after the elections.