Sevinj Sadigova, wife of detained Azerbaijani journalist and editor of Azel.TV Afghan Sadigov, has made several statements on the Internet and in the media claiming that law-enforcement authorities have placed a camera in her bathroom to blackmail her, Azerbaijani presses report.

“The law-enforcement authorities are threatening to spread intimate scenes, thinking they can intimidate me with that,” Sadigova said, adding that, in her opinion, they are pressuring her to force her husband to stop his hunger strike. Sadigova supports her husband, and now they have started threatening her and hinting that her child may fall from a 16th story building.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan has warned Sadigova by referring to her statement as defamation and has warned about liability in case such actions continue.

Sadigov was detained in 2020 under the charge of taking a 10,000 manat bribe along with editor of Sakit Muradov, but only Sadigov was sentenced under this charge for seven years. On November 3, Sadigov launched a hunger strike after the Court of Appeal rejected the appeal for his release.