YEREVAN. – During this time we have had consultations with specialized international organizations and informed about what we will do. Lilit Makunts, head of the majority My Step faction, on Monday told this to reporters in the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, referring to the fact that the change toward the proportional representation system in the Electoral Code was made without receiving the respective conclusion of the Venice Commission.

She stressed that when they have the official conclusion of the Venice Commission on the draft amendments to the Electoral Code, they will then discuss which Electoral Code provisions will be adopted for the upcoming snap parliamentary elections—slated for June 20—and which provisions will be put off for the ensuing elections. "We will discuss, decide it in the NA. In this context, it should also be discussed how realistic it is for these amendments to be implemented by the Central Electoral Commission because we have no intention of complicating the [electoral] process in any way. If there will be provisions that will facilitate the process, we will further simplify them; and if not, we will leave [them] for later," Makunts added.

As Armenian reported earlier, the NA has passed a separate amendment to the Electoral Code on the electoral system, and therefore a transition has been made to a simple proportional-representation system with closed electoral lists. The other provisions have not been discussed in the National Assembly yet.