Letting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hold the elections is inadmissible. This is what leader of the Democratic Party of Armenia Aram G. Sargsyan told reporters today.

Sargsyan stated that on April 24th (Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day), the Armenians need to show that the people don’t want to die.

The politician stressed that even if the incumbent authorities want the Turks to set foot in Armenia, they can’t achieve their goal since Russia is protecting Armenia’s borders and won’t allow the penetration of any other country.

As far as Pashinyan’s upcoming meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin is concerned, Sargsyan said Pashinyan is going to Moscow to receive security guarantees. “Armenia is currently facing the issue of maintenance of statehood, and only after this issue is solved will it be possible to think about development. The people must renounce manipulation and technologies that are being applied against them. As far as the statement on unblocking of communication links, this is only in the interests of Armenia’s enemies. However, Pashinyan says Armenians shouldn’t be inimical towards a country that considers Armenia an enemy, has pretensions to Syunik Province and Yerevan and beheads our fellow Armenians. Pashinyan must face the court,” Sargsyan concluded.