Deputy FM Abbas Araqchi, who led a delegation of Iranian negotiators at a meeting of the Iranian deal held on Tuesday, made it clear that the US should completely lift anti-Iranian sanctions if they are seeking to return to the nuclear deal, Tasnim reported.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday in Vienna, Araqchi confirmed that the meeting was not attended by US representatives and that only Iranian issues were discussed with the rest of the Iranian deal members - Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany.

Iran's deputy FM also reacted to comments from Washington that Tehran's assertion that the US should lift sanctions indicates a lack of seriousness about a return to the Iranian deal.

According to the deputy FM, such remarks indicate a lack of seriousness on their side, since they left the Iranian deal and imposed sanctions.

He also noted that Iran has never sought to evade compliance with the nuclear agreement, saying that if Tehran pursued such a goal, it would have withdrawn from the agreement much sooner after Washington left it.