US senators are pushing a bill to counter China's growing political and financial power. 

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez and Senator James Risch presented the proposal.

As Axios notes, the bill marks the culmination of years of growing bipartisan concern and the rise of China. If it passes, it will send Beijing a strong signal that both parties are united in defending democratic values ​​from authoritarian encroachments.

The bill proposes to the United States:

  • to send additional security assistance to countries in the Indo-Pacific region and offer debt relief to countries during the coronavirus pandemic;
  • to impose sanctions in response to human rights violations in Xinjiang;
  • to redouble the efforts of the federal government to combat China's raids on US intellectual property;
  • to track China's acquisitions of ballistic, hypersonic, and cruise missiles.

The bill will be considered on April 14.