People in Armenia have never been so selfless as much as they are now and the country has never lacked sovereignty as much as it does now, and if you want to know why, visit all the regions of Armenia in which Nikol Pashinyan garnered more than 70% of votes in 2018. This is what Vice-President of the Republican Party of Armenia Armen Ashotyan told reporters today.

Ashotyan regretted to state that Russia is currently the only guarantor of Armenians’ physical existence. “Take a look at the conditions in which Armenians soldiers are serving today. Moscow is the only guarantor of at least the fictive statehood of Armenia. The only thing we Armenians can expect from Moscow is to help Armenia get back on its feet and not interfere in Armenia’s domestic political affairs,” he said.

Ashotyan also touched upon the view that if the political opposition comes to power in Armenia, the trilateral statement [signed by the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan] will be revisited. “Armenia can’t get back on its feet without Moscow’s support. Consequently, only after change of power can we say that Armenia can have new pretensions and Moscow will extend a helping hand,” he said.