YEREVAN. – Now the main work is carried out by expert subgroups because the problems need to be studied by each detail. Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan on Friday told this to reporters in the National Assembly of Armenia, referring to the issue of unblocking the roads.

"We are discussing ways, the legal regulations of which will be implemented exclusively on the basis of the legal basis of the CIS countries, international treaties, conventions to which the Republic of Armenia has joined. I do not have discussions in any other format on that platform," said the deputy PM.

When asked as to what extent hinders Azerbaijan’s non-fulfillment of the eighth point in the November 9, 2020 trilateral statement, Grigoryan responded: "We also have the trilateral statement of January 11, which describes in more detail what the working group will do at the level of deputy prime ministers. The background shall be more good-neighborly, even to emotionally carry out such a thing.”

The Armenian official countered a reporter's remark that Azerbaijan is constantly talking about the Zangezur corridor. "It is ruled out that I will discuss the issue of the corridor during the work and in the context that you suppose in your question. Yes, the word 'corridor' is accepted to use as a route of transport; but in this very connection, too, I emphasize that no such issue will be discussed—even as a route of transport," Mher Grigoryan stated.