The Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyn political party has issued a statement welcoming the US President’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

In its statement, the Bureau states the following: “April 24, 2020 is a historic day for Armenians since the US government, namely President Joe Biden, officially reaffirmed the fact of the Armenian Genocide. With this, the US joined the several countries, the legislatures and governments of which have recognized the Armenian Genocide.

The US President’s use of the word ‘Genocide’ is also very important these days because it is an actual assessment of the genocidal acts that Turkey directly and overtly committed during the recent 44-day war and has been committing for over a century.

This success is the result of the unwavering struggle that the US chapters of the ARF-D, the Armenian National Committees and Offices and thousands of dedicated individuals have led for decades. The ARF-D Bureau expresses its gratitude to all those who struggled for this success. This statement by the US government is unequivocal — the struggle continues until Turkey acknowledges its historical responsibility and makes fair reparations. The violated rights of Armenians must be restored. Armenia and Armenians must have their worthy place in the global family of nations. Armenians must have the opportunity to live and create in safety in their cradle. Let’s achieve more success and more victories.”