The documents are currently being sent through the corresponding channels of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. This is what Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan told reporters in parliament today.

“The Republic of Armenia has officially petitioned to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), and the Prime Minister has addressed the President of the Russian Federation with the request for military aid within the scope of the mutual agreement. As far as the sovereign territory of Armenia is concerned, the territory of Armenia is considered a territory of the CSTO, and this is why Armenia petitioned to the CSTO. Yesterday we expected that the Azerbaijani troops would retreat, and there were discussions and mutual agreements, but there is no progress today, and based on this, the Prime Minister addressed the Russian Federation with the request for assistance,” he said.

Asked if it is safe to say that Azerbaijan has declared a war against Armenia, Simonyan stated that it’s not safe to say that at this moment. “There hasn’t been any gunshot or conflict. There are various movements there, and making a statement about a war is also unacceptable,” he added.

Asked if it is likely that the upcoming elections are canceled due to the current situation, Simonyan said this issue isn’t being considered at the moment.