It’s clear that the enemy is preparing to attack and to eliminate Armenia, for that matter. This is what leader of the opposition Yerkir Tsirani, advocate Zaruhi Postanjyan told reporters today.

“This will happen through genocide. The enemy has finished preparing for an attack from Nakhchivan. There are military posts in front of Khachik village, but there were no posts two years before, that is, before Nikol [acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan] came to power. Nikol did everything possible to make sure Armenians are deprived of their homeland through genocide, and he continues to do so. The enemy can destroy a few cities with Bayraktars in a matter of hours,” Postanjyan said.

According to her, the Armenian army could have destroyed or captured the enemy's soldiers and then exchanged them for Armenian captives.

“However, there was no permission to fire even one gunshot. Even as we speak, those standing near the enemy can mobilize and capture, but this isn’t being done deliberately since it’s part of the agreements,” Postanjyan said, adding that, in her opinion, two regions and certain parts of other regions were surrendered during the 44-day war and Nikol Pashinyan transferred the rest through a signature.