YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The PAP [opposition Prosperous Armenia Party] faction [in parliament] is in a difficult moral and psychological condition; none of the MPs knows whether he will be on the future [electoral] list [in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20].

The topic is closed; they do not even dare to insinuate. [PAP leader] Gagik Tsarukyan writes, deletes the [party’s electoral] list by himself.

The concern of the PAP MPs is so great that they ask the journalists about their place [on this list], hoping that we will be more informed than them.

At least there is an approximate idea about the [electoral] lists of the other political forces; [respective] top tens are published in the media, and those names generally remain undeniable.

[Parliamentary opposition] Bright Armenia [Party (BAP)] is virtually not inferior to the PAP in this matter; there is little information about the top ten, the candidates on the [electoral list of this party] list. [BAP leader Edmon] Marukyan is still in active negotiations with vote-getting other party and non-party people to involve to his side, but there is no clarity yet. By the way, the BAP congress scheduled for May 15, then postponed, has been scheduled for May 23.