The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development said that the two countries of Iran and Armenia will hold direct talk for using Armenian route in a part of North-South Corridor, Mehr reported..

Mohammad Eslami made the remarks at Imam Khomeini International Airport on Monday before his trip to Armenia.

The minister said that establishing widespread and expensive interaction with other countries, especially with neighboring states, is one of the pivotal strategies of the Iranian government.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran has currently followed up bilateral and multilateral talks and interactions with many other countries, especially with neighboring ones, with a focus on boosting trade, business, transportation and transit ties, the minister emphasized.

“According to the scheduled plan, officials of the two countries—of Iran and Armenia—will hold bilateral talks on relevant issues in this visit,” said Eslami. "Apart from the fact that some Armenians live in Iran, there is a kinship and cultural connection between the two countries, so that it is necessary that cultural interaction between people of the two countries should be facilitated and stronger infrastructures must be created between the two countries to expand freight and passenger exchanges.”

The use of Armenian route for a part of the North-South corridor is one of the main issues that will be discussed between Iranian and Armenian officials in this visit, the Iranian official said.